Q & A5

*Are you good at teamwork?
+Well, I used to be. Not anymore, though. I remember when I was younger I always wanted to work and generally be with others but as I grew older, I guess my friends and I kinda drifted apart and grew tired of spending time with each other. Nowadays, I prefer to do whatever I do alone which is kinda lonely but way better!
..........., though.

در آخر جمله بسیار استفاده رایجی داره که خوبه سعی کنید وارد بافت زبانیتون کنید.
He's kinda weird; I like him, though.

grow, grew, grown
حتمأ حتمأ حتمأ کلیه کاربردهای این فعل بینظیر رو در دیکشنریهاتون چک کنید. به اضافه:
I didn't like them at first but I grew to like them when we spent the summer in Paris.

این دو لغت هم با هم فرق دارند:
lonely vs alone
I'm alone but I'm not lonely at all.

to drift apart: to become more and more cold towards one another gradually
to be/get tired of ....ing
I'm tired of waiting for something nice to happen; I'm going to do something totally drastic.

Look up the word "drastic"


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