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*What is your stance on terrorism?
+Well, I definitely do not condone it in any way, shape or form. I believe your average terrorist is usually a young person who has been duped into believing the easily-deniable "fact" that they'll go to heaven once they have blown themselves up!
They're invariably manipulated into believing eternal life after death or martyrdom as they put it!
Psychologically speaking, the average terrorist, I believe is definitely suicidal; otherwise why would anyone in their right mind do such an asinine thing?!

not in any way, shape or form: not at all
to be duped/manipulated into doing X

quote & coat : Check the pronunciation; they're not quite the same

once=when/as soon as



They duped/manipulated us into signing the contract.
She talked me into going to Canada.
The judge shamed her into confessing.
He talked me out of going to Canada.
Can you talk her out of marrying that guy
their=there in terms of pronunciation?

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